6 Sewer Line Damage Warning Signs

An efficient home plumbing system will quickly provide clean water and help dispose of old dirty water.

The network of pipes behind your walls that carry water and waste away from your kitchen and bathroom need to be inspected periodically, but did you know that it's just as important to have your sewer lines examined as well?

The complex sewer system is designed to receive heavy loads of sewage from residential and commercial buildings and transport it to treatment facilities for disposal, and it's sometimes overlooked.

Sewer lines are one of the most essential systems we rely on every day. The underground system is out of sight but should not stay out of mind.

While being sturdy enough to move gallons of sewage, these pipes, just like any other, take on wear and tear damage over time.

Sewer lines are susceptible to corrosion and to cracks from tree growth interference. Sanitary sewer overflow is a hazardous risk that can be caused by blocked or broken sewer lines.

Without occasional maintenance, sewer line issues can cause severe damage to your system and your property. In most situations, the homeowners must take responsibility for the cost.

Preventative measures may help ward off problems from older sewer lines.

If you suspect you may already have sewer line damage, check for these signs to confirm your suspicions and call Linthicum Plumbing for an experts opinion.

6 Signs it May be Time to Call the Plumber:

Watch for these signs that could mean you are in need of sewer line repair:

1. It Stinks

One sign that your sewer line needs repairs, won’t be visible to the eye, but it’s one you won’t be able to avoid. A distinct sewage smell may be the first sign you notice lingering in your bathrooms, basement, or yard. While there may be other causes for odors in your home, if you can't find another suspect, call a plumber.

You will not be the only one picking up on the foul scent. The smell can attract unwanted rodents to your yard. As they attempt to access the source, they could cause more damage to your pipes as they gnaw and dig their way through your yard.

Take action before they do.

2. Slow Draining

If your bathtub, sink or toilet are draining slowly, you may be witnessing the beginning stages of a blockage forming.

The first instinct is to use a drain cleaner to clear the clog, but the harsh chemicals in drain cleaners can damage the pipes and cause them to corrode, leading to cracks and damage.

Call your plumber before the blockage turns into a sewage backup.

Experiencing blockages and backups often may be signs of a deeper problem such as tree root invasion, cracks or misaligned pipes. These underlying causes can be determined by a licensed inspection.

3. Cracks

Cracks in your home's foundation or settlement can create unwanted troubles with your pipes. Cracks in your foundation slab, settlement, walls or ceiling could mean a leak in the slab went untreated, causing a void in the foundation or in the yard.

Call your plumber before the damage escalates. They may find a cracked sewer line is contributing to your walls woes.

4. Mold

Mold and mildew can be caused by a few variables. Often homeowners can overlook the obvious signs of sewer line damage caused by rain damage, air conditioner malfunction, humidity, mold, or mildew.

A cracked line will create the perfect environment for mold to grow, as it provides the moisture needed for mold to develop and thrive.

Note: Mold caused by sewer line damage will often be accompanied by the smell of sewage.

5. Low Water Levels

Fluctuating water levels in your toilet might be a clear sign something is wrong.

The inconsistent levels may indicate that there is a crack or leak somewhere within the sewer line.

Call a plumber so they can identify the root cause as soon as possible.

6. Lush Patches of Grass

When you notice healthy, lush grass growing randomly, you may think that the areas of rich soil in your yard are normal.

This can actually be a sign that there is an underground sewage leak present.

The sewage flow acts as fertilizer for the vegetation, providing the soil with extra nutrients.

Sewer line damage can be costly and inconvenient if not caught early.

Damaged plumbing inside and outside of the home can be put your home at risk. Preventative maintenance is an essential step in keeping the worst from happening and protecting your home.

Look for the visible warning signs and call Linthicum Plumbing to get your pipes and sewer lines inspected before it is too late.