Remodeling Your Kitchen: Preparing Your Plumbing for the Project

Fall is when the leaves start to change colors, and the cold begins to settle into the Annapolis area.

Nature is getting a makeover, and you might consider one for your home too.

Fall could be the perfect time to give your home a fresh feel and new look.

Get ready to stay warm and comfortable during the cold months and prepare your home to for the holiday visits from friends and family.

Whatever the occasion, now may be the time to prepare to start the New Year with a new look.

Preparing Your Plumbing

Remodeling projects can be exciting and fun; however, remodeling requires a lot of hard work.

Plumbing changes can be tough unless you hire a professional. Linthicum Plumbers are trained to help you make the right choice for your home.

Envision What Needs Relocating

If your dreams for your kitchen go deeper than a new countertop, you should get a professional involved.

A professional plumber can assist with your vision for your new kitchen and help to make it a reality.

Being specific will help inform your plumber as to what fixtures need to be moved can help unwanted mishaps when contractors start to remodel.

Before working with a contractor, your plumber will be able to make any changes that will facilitate the remodel work.

Map and Re-Route the Plumbing

When you have your vision, the next step is to map it out.

A professional can help put your dreams to paper, as they map out your kitchen and put your ideas into action.

Consider Adding Shut Off Valves

If you don’t already have the water shut off valves on main appliances in your kitchen, you may want to take the remodel as an opportunity to do so.

Shut off valves allow you to cut the water on appliances, giving you control over your plumbing, allowing you to manage leaks. Your sink, dishwasher, and refrigerator should have shut off valves.

Ask your plumber about them before the project gets underway!

Remodeling Your Home

While you may be thinking about ways to make your interior more aesthetically appealing, think about function too.

Aesthetics do not need to be pushed aside to make way for function.

A more efficient kitchen can actually be more beautiful.

Upgrading your cabinets or increasing storage space by adding a pantry could be a practical improvement.

You may want to add more counter space by knocking down a wall or moving appliances.

This is your chance to make your kitchen look better and function better.

Comfort and Aesthetics

Function and a new look are a great match.

Increasing counter space and walking room by adding islands would make your kitchen more accessible to you and your guests.

Reduce Energy and Water Usage

Upgrade your home by making it more energy efficient. Remodeling projects are opportunities to consider cutting down on use through new appliances.

Water efficient dishwashers or energy conserving refrigerators may be a healthy investment for your home.

Ask your plumber how else they can help you save on water.

Hidden Challenges: Plumbing Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling

Remodeling projects are an exciting venture into modernizing your home.

It may be easy to get carried away with the vision and leave the technicalities for the last minute.

Ambitious Do-it-Yourselfers should consider leaving their creative side for the design aspect of the project.

Remodeling is as challenging as it is exciting and these are common mistakes DIY projects may run into.

Getting the Wrong Sink:

Leaving technicalities for the last minute may be a costly mistake. Your sink should be one of the first, not the last consideration you make.

Sinks should be appropriately measured and planned for because you never know when you may need to make adjustments such as trimming the cabinets or cutting holes for the sink. Make a wise and informed decision on your sink before getting into project details.

Mismatched Plumbing

A leading cause of leaks is trying to fit together mismatched plumbing fixtures and pipes.

A professional will know the appropriate piping so you can rest assured and can check that pipes and fixtures are compatible before taking on the task of changing the plumbing in your kitchen.

Forgetting to Install Vents

With so much preparation going into the remodeling project, some details may be overlooked. Plumbing vents are a necessary addition.

These special pipes connect move air in and out of your home. Air flows through the tubes to maintain proper drainage while expelling sewer gases from indoors.

Without vents, your family and your plumbing would be at risk.

Doing it Yourself

Remodeling can be a rewarding experience with professional help. You may think you are saving money and getting it the way you want, but you may be creating problems for yourself instead.

Don’t risk your own safety and your kitchens well-being.

With the help of a professional plumber like those at Linthicum, you will be sure to achieve your dream kitchen.

Linthicum plumbers are fully licensed, bonded and insured, ready to safely help you take on any plumbing remodel.

Get comfortable with your space by making it your own.

Prepare to take on the winter by ensuring your kitchen plumbing is ready and your kitchen looks good for the Holidays.

Let Linthicum Plumbing help with your Fall project this year.