Prevent Deterioration & Flooding

Often, pipe deterioration is caused by cheap piping material, aged pipes, and hard water. Hard water is rough on your pipes, building up minerals and breaking the material down faster than if you had appropriately softened water.

When you begin to notice these symptoms, speak with a plumber from Linthicum Plumbing. We can give you a full evaluation of your pipes, unearthing the weak spots. Then, we reinforce or replace the sections that are causing you problems.

The early signs that your pipes are wearing out include:

  • Flakes in your water
  • Discolored water
  • Low water pressure
  • "Funny tasting" water (Often metallic or dusty)

You Don't Have Time to Waste

Repiping your home is a major project, and often takes several days to complete. However, our team works as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can return to your normal routines. Plus, repiping is much easier than repairing the damage a broken system can cause to your home.