Promoting Dry Floors & Clear Sinks

When you come home to find your downstairs flooded, don't panic. This doesn't have to be your worst nightmare! Instead, utilize the Linthicum Plumbing 24-hour emergency service. We can be there to assess the situation and solve your problem before it gets worse. Clogged toilets and plugged sinks and tubs can be a thing of the past as we clear your plug and give you advice on how to prevent a recurrence.

Odors in the Drain

If your drain is still emptying but there is a mysterious smell emanating from it, chances are that a plug has begun to build up and you might soon have a mess on your hands. We can clear out the buildup and prevent that backup from occurring.

We provide many drainage services, including:

  • Clearing clogs & plugs
  • Replacing hardware
  • Reinforcing pipes weakened by the clog
  • Drain pipe splicing
  • And more!