Five Things to Think About Before Starting a Plumbing Makeover

Your bathroom may need some heavy-duty plumbing repairs. You may have decided your kitchen needs a facelift. Whatever the case, remodeling can be a good way to invest in your home’s inner workings and interior design. Yet, working out your dream home is not a task for the unprepared. Know what you are getting into before taking on any project. While there are many things to consider, here are five things to think about before starting a plumbing makeover.

Think about what kind of plumbing you currently have

Old homes are likely to have older piping with physical signs of wear and tear. It may save time and money to invest in new plumbing all together. While the walls and floors are off and up, consult with a professional. It may be worthwhile to do some re-plumbing with modern pipes and drains to go along with your plumbing makeover.

Map out your plumbing

Understanding where your existing plumbing runs is an important part of the process. Imagine wanting to move your bathtub to a spot where your pipes don’t reach. If you really are considering moving existing fixtures, you need to know where your current plumbing runs. Moving those fixtures requires modifying water lines and moving drain lines to new locations. Keeping the layout may save you money. However, if you decide to go ahead with replacement, consult with a professional before tearing up any pipes.   

Take into account possible scenarios

A step in the process your wallet will surely thank you for. Remodeling is no task to be taken on yourself. A professional can help you prepare for what to expect. They will also know how to ensure the best work for any project you may want to take on. The professionals at Linthicum Plumbing understand preparing for projects. They pay attention to details like:

  • Getting the correct toilet placement measurements. While there is a standard measurement, every toilet is different.
  • Ensuring proper ventilation of the drains. Ventilation is vital. Your sink trap can get sucked dry and as a result won’t function as a barrier between your bathroom and sewer system. Ensuring correct drain size is also important. Modern drains tend to be larger, preventing future clogs.
  • Properly securing the right slope for the bathroom floor. Should the slope for the floor be off, the water would fail to drain. You could be left standing in still water, leaving you and your tub susceptible to mold and bacteria.

Design and function can be a wonderful match

You do not have to give up purpose for the sake of aesthetics. Remodeling is the perfect opportunity to recreate a space-anything from a kitchen to the bathroom to the basement. Redesigning is a fun and creative step towards having your dream home. While the look and feel should be pleasant, don’t forget practical. Work closely with a professional who will remind you of what is behind the beauty, such as: pipes, water, wires and the works. They will assure you of what can or can’t work.

Hire a professional to get the most out of your remodel

Working with the right plumber will get the job done and save you money in the long run. Investing in your home will keep your plumbing happy and your home looking good. The professionals at Linthicum Plumbing are here to help.

Taking on a remodeling job is a great way to update your home and freshen up your own space. It may seem fun, but don’t forget what lies beneath your walls and floors. Don’t let your home makeover turn into a nightmare. Contact Linthicum Plumbing before getting started.