Water Filtration: Is It Right For Your Home?

If we had a choice, natural spring waters would be what we would drink everyday. Since we can’t, we trust water filtration to come close enough. More than just tasting better, filtered water has several added benefits. A filtration and conditioning water solution can save you money, clean up the water in your home, and improve your quality of life. Whether you’re filtering your whole home or just your kitchen, you are already raising the standard for your home’s water.

Filtration Types -Whole House or Localized

A whole house water filter connects directly to your home’s main water supply. All the water being used in your house will have to pass through the filter, treating the water before passing it along. By softening the water supply, whole house filters eliminate harmful build up around appliances and reduce heavy sediments at risk of building up in your water heater.

Under sink filtration is typically used for drinking water applications at one location, as opposed to many. It could make a slight difference in your morning coffee. It may also make a big difference in your long-term health. The main purpose of specific location filtration is to reduce health related contamination.

Why Filtration Could Be Right For You

Filtration can be helpful in the removal of harmful chemicals. Before even reaching your tap, your water has already been treated chemically by your local public works department in order to kill microorganisms. Chlorine is useful for removing harmful bacteria and viruses from the water supply, but not so great for your health or household. Since public works and water management cannot catch it all, traces of arsenic, aluminum, fluoride, lead, etc. could be lurking in your water supply. While minerals such as mercury and zinc will do no more harm than give your water a funky smell and color, we all know water should be clear. Removing pollutants and chemicals before they enter your water supply is a preventative measure for yourself and your appliances.

Water filtration can extend the life of your appliances. Unfiltered water contains minerals and sediments bound to get through. This hard water could affect your appliances that are dependent on hot water. In addition, sediments build up in your water heater. Accumulating over time, they could affect your heaters ability to conduct heat. Not only will it have to work harder, but those same sediments are now getting through to the rest of your home. Minerals passing through your pipes can lead to scale build up, decreasing the efficiency of your appliances while demanding more of them. Because of this, your water-supplied appliances will only last so long. Clean water will mean more efficient machines, and cleaner clothes, dishes and hair.

Water filtration can save you money. Preventative measures will keep your appliances healthy and happy. A long lifespan means less money down the drain, so to speak. Clean water also discourages the need for bottled water and other filtration methods. A more permanent filtering solution may be what is best for you financially. Ask us any questions or come with your concerns. We can analyze your current water situation and give you suggestions.

Still Not Sure?

Still unsure about water filtration for your home?  One last point is that water filtration leads to better tasting coffee. In addition to improving your morning brew,  the addition of filtration can water could change the way you go about your whole day. Intruding influences affect the quality of your water and introduce contaminants into your daily life. We all deserve to ask more of our water.  Our plumbers know about quality water through quality work. Call us today to learn how we can help.