Top Five Fixes For Your Shower

There’s nothing like a good hot shower in the morning to get those brain cells moving after a
night’s sleep. It’s also great for washing away sweat after a workout or working in the yard. On
the other hand, it’s annoying to jump into the shower and see the same problems again and

Top Five Shower Fixes

One of the most common shower problems is low water pressure. One of the not-so- great
ideas of the plumbing industry was to save water by making a shower head release less water.
Although this sounds good in theory, the homeowner will quickly realize that it feels like he is
taking too long to get the soap off his body and shampoo out of his hair using this low water
pressure shower concept.

The homeowner can fix this shower problem by unscrewing the shower head and getting rid of
the water restrictor inside the shower head. Screw the shower head back on. Done!.

Water pressure fix for your shower, part 2. If there is no restrictor in the shower head, the
water line that feeds into the shower head could be crimped. It’s like when you are watering
your lawn and you step on your garden hose. When the hose is crimped, no water can get
through. Straighten the crimp in your water line and you should have a full flow of water again
through the shower head.

Common leak

A second of the top five fixes for your shower is a leaky handle. Your plumber will remove
the handle using a screwdriver or Allen wrench. Then the sleeve and retainer pin must be
removed. Finally, the cartridge must be taken out and replaced. Although not expensive, the
cartridge is the guts of the hot-cold water assembly. If your home is middle aged, so is your
shower cartridge. Replace it.

Drain problem

The third of the top fixes for your shower is that the drain has become slow or stopped.
Often the plumber must use his snake to go deep within the drain and remove the blockage. It is
not uncommon for the plumber to use a plumber’s snake equipped with a camera. The camera
can show the specific nature of the problem, often roots growing from the backyard that have
broken into the pipes and blocked the water flow. For a simple block, the homeowner can try to
use a cheap plastic “zip it hair snatch” to dig hair out from the top 12 inches of the drain. When
the hair is gone the water might flow smoothly again.

A fourth of the top fixes for your shower is that the shower handles have become tight
and difficult to move. The plumber can replace the washers underneath the handles. He might
also need to replace the springs underneath the washers.

A fifth of the top fixes for your shower is a water temperature problem. The water is too
hot, too cold, or changes temperatures while you are in the shower. To fix this, your plumber will
check the pipes leading from the water heater. The shower can only deliver the water it receives
from the water heater. The plumber will work on the water heater to fix this problem.

Now that you have fixed the common shower problems, you can jump into the shower and start
thinking those great thoughts that will shape your day.