4 Bad Shower Habits You May Not Know You Need to Break

What’s better than relaxing in the shower before a long days work? Perhaps taking a bath after the day is done. Either way, we all know the great feeling that comes with a rinse and a scrub. Bathrooms are meant to be our sanctuaries, so don’t let yours become a source of stress.  Most of us are guilty of at least one of these bad shower habits. If you’re not, keep it up! If you are, it’s not too late! Here is what you need to stop doing to improve your health and your bathrooms cleanliness.

Bad Shower Habit #1-Leaving Damp Towels or Wet Clothes Around

Bathrooms can get hot and humid, creating a moist environment. This is the ideal situation for bacteria to grow. Leaving moist towels or cloth lying around will encourage microbial growth. If you then use that same towel to wipe yourself down again could be a risk to your health. Be sure to take your dirty clothes with you. If you suspect its wet, don’t crumple it into your hamper! Air dry towels and clothes. Make sure to keep them dry and away from moist places.

Bad Shower Habit #2 - Taking Long, Hot Showers

There is nothing quite like a hot shower! The heat helps our circulation, reduces stress, opens our pores and speeds up muscle recovery. There are great benefits from a hot shower. However, you and your bathroom may suffer long-term consequences. Hot showers relieve you of moisture, leaving your skin dry and itchy. While you may be left dry, your bathroom is filling up with vapor. Without the proper ventilation, the water may cause damage your walls and ceiling. Mold could take hold and spread unless precautions are taken.

Suggestions to Help Shorten Showers

Did you know the  average bathtub holds about 35 gallons of water but is filled with approximately 25 gallons of water (leaving room for you to get in). The average showerhead dispenses 2.5 gallons of water a minute. Therefore, showering longer than ten minutes will be more wasteful than taking a bath. Taking showers that last less than ten minutes and remain at a moderate temperate could save you money and improve your health.

Bad Shower Habit #3 - Letting Hair Go Down the Drain

What doesn’t stick to your wet walls will surely end up going down the drain. You may think a few of your hairs won’t be a big deal, but if you’re sharing a shower, a back-up is bound to happen! Accumulating hair can easily cause blockages and drain clogs. A shower cap may help keep hair where it needs to be. It could also help protect your hair from drying out during a shower!

Investing in a drain cover may also be a good idea. Covers are specially designed to catch hair for an easy clean up.  

What About DIY Drain Cleaner to Eliminate Clogs?

We discourage liquid drain cleaners as a DIY method, because they are:

  • Environmental Hazards: They negatively affect our water supply and contribute to air contamination. Liquid cleaners are pollutants!

  • Bad for Pipes: Because it’s corrosive, liquid drain cleaner is bad for pipes made from galvanized steel and cast iron.

  • Dangerous to Children: Caution should always be used when handling chemicals. Drain cleaners must be kept away from young children and pets to ensure their safety. If you do keep some at home, be sure to store it somewhere out of reach.

Bad Shower Habit #4 -Waiting Too Long to Clean the Shower

Hair isn’t the only thing making its way down your drain! Debris from the long day, soap and dirt also find their way into your pipes through the shower. Gunk can easily clog your pipes as it begins to build up, possibly hurting your pipes in the process. What stays behind can leave your tub home to mold, fungi and bacteria.  Maybe your bathroom doesn’t need to be washed as often as you do, but building good habits will keep you and your bathroom clean and healthy!

Bad shower habits can be fixed!  Not sure about other ways you may be wasting money or water? Schedule one of our professionals to come to your home to inspect for leaky faucets or cracked pipes. Click here to schedule your inspection.