DIY Plumbing Projects to Avoid

Every homeowner has had to do some minor plumbing whether it is unclogging a toilet or a leaky faucet, but some jobs need a professional. Having a professional do the work prevents causing major damage - not only to your plumbing system but also your house. Not sure when to consult youTube or Google and when to call in a professional? Here are just a few of the DIY plumbing projects that you should avoid.

Frozen pipes

While it may be tempting to let a pipe thaw after it freezes, this simply lets your pipes be more prone to freezing the next time temperatures drop. If you leave the frozen pipes alone, you may end up with a burst or cracked pipe. This can also lead to leaking and cause water damage in the house. If your pipes are already leaking it is certainly time to call your a professional plumber, like Linthicum Plumbing. Trying to fix a frozen and leaky pipe without consulting a professional can set you back and may create  additional costly repairs.

Water line damage

There can be a variety of explanations for damage to a homeowner’s water line.  They can happen due to aging pipes, corrosion, fluctuating temperatures, tree roots, ground shifting, and more. If a homeowner attempts to repair a water line, they can actually create major damage. The best line of defense is to call a professional plumber who can inspect and evaluate the situation. Trying to do a DIY with a water line repair is unsafe and could end up costing more money than if you had called a plumber in the first place.

Standing water

Standing water is never a good sign. Not only will it cause serious damage to your house and any appliances in it, but is a symptom of a much bigger problem. If you find a large amount of free-standing water, call the experts at Linthicum Plumbing. Our experienced plumbers are available around the clock and are trained to detect the causes of standing water.

Water heater and other plumbing appliances

There is no shame in asking for help. Whether your old water heater or appliance is acting up or you are installing a new one - it is a good idea to call a plumber. Having a professional work on it will let your appliances last longer and work better than if you tried to do it yourself. There may be smaller problems that an untrained eye does not see, but an experienced and trained plumbing professional can help. The professionals at Linthicum Plumbing can determine if a water heater needs to be repaired or replaced.

External pipes

A good rule of thumb is that if you have an issue with external pipes and it involves digging, you probably shouldn't try it alone. This means concerns with outdoor pipes or a septic tank. It is never a good idea to work on these alone. The problem can quite often be bigger than it looks. Pipes are a tricky business inside or out. In addition, with so many regulations and numerous ways that pipe work can go wrong it is always a good idea to call a plumber. The professionals at Linthicum plumbing can use their sewer camera to determine the extent of the damage and problem.

Plumbing problems can happen at any time. Some issues can be a DIY, but others should be left to a professional. Whatever the case may be,  if you are uncertain you can always call Linthicum Plumbing for advice.