Top 5 Craziest Things Found In Drains

Are you feeling bad about that action figure your child flushed down the toilet.  Don’t.  There have been far crazier things found in toilets across the world.  Because we knew you needed a little light fun today we thought we would share just a few of our favorites.

We have all heard of stories where people flush items that are not meant to be flushed down a toilet, whether that be jewelry, toys, an exe’s watch, or some loose change, but some things you would never guess would be possible. Here are just some of the unbelievable things that have been found to clog a drain.

Top Five Things Found in a Drain:


  1. A Live Civil War Cannon Shell - Now we are not quite sure how this could possibly happen.  We simply cannot imagine somebody walking around with it in their back pocket and dropping it.   Yet in a house in Mississippi a plumber found a civil war cannon cell clogged in a drain only to find out that after all these years it was still live. Talk about explosive… Anyway, on to the next one. 
  2. A Prosthetic Leg - Yes, you read this right, a prothetic leg.  It was not found in a toilet drain, but in the homeowner’s septic tank. We can’t be sure if the person thought they were a wizard and were trying to get into the ministry of magic or if a practical joke was taken too far. Whatever the case we are just the owner of the leg cannot have been happy about the situation and understand why they might not have gone in to retrieve it. 
  3. A Puppy - Let us start with the most important fact. This poor look puppy was saved by the police and taken out of the drain unharmed. It seems that a young boy was trying to help his mom by giving his new puppy a bath, in the toilet. Five-year-olds are incredibly resourceful after all. But when the puppy got too slippery to hold, the young boy accidentally dropped him down the drain. 
  4. A Lightbulb - Kids will do the darnedest things to get out of trouble, but this one is definitely up there. A plumber was called when a home toilet started backing up and nothing was coming out when snaking the drain. So he opened it up to find a broken lightbulb. The son admitted to having flushed it because he didn’t want to get in trouble for playing ball in the house. 
  5. A Squirrel - When the weather gets colder, animals look for warmer climates inside.  That’s exactly what this squirrel seems to have done.  Unfortunately, he had eaten to0 many nuts and got stuck in the pipe. Believe it or not, this is not unusual.  Plumbers find animals in pipes more often than you would imagine. Fortunately, there are times that they survive the ordeal.

Kids, animals, and adults are all responsible for strange objects found in drains. But whatever it may be and whatever the reason for it being in there, it is important to have a plumber to call when your toilet gets clogged.