What Causes Drain Clogs

Glen Burnie residents can expect the inevitable: drain clogs. Whether the clogs occur in your sink drains or your bathroom drains, both can cause damage to your home. There are several reasons why your drains may clog, but the biggest culprits are tree roots, grease and fat, and hair.

Tree Roots

When plumbers first lay pipes for your home, they avoid potential damage from tree roots. Unfortunately, over time, tree roots may damage your pipes. Tree roots are always searching for the nearest water resource. If your pipes are it, they can crack into the pipes and cause a blockage. The result may cause your drains to become clogged.

Grease and Fat

Sometimes it is easier to wash your grease and fat down the sink drain instead of properly throwing it away. Even if the amount of grease and fat is small, over time they can cause clogged drains. Grease and fat are the biggest culprits of drain clogs. They also can be easily prevented. When you’re cooking ground beef or other foods with grease and fat, take the time to throw the grease away. If the mess is too much, put the grease in a used soda can. The aluminum of the cans will not melt and will be easy to throw away once cooled.


Another common cause of drain clogs is hair. A person with average hair loss can lose 50-100 strands a day. It is no wonder those can cause clogs in sinks and bath and shower drains. The hair builds up which can cause a problem for homeowners. There are devices you can use to unclog drains.

No one likes clogged drains and the damage they may cause. If you find your drains are clogged beyond repair call a professional plumber to remedy the situation.