A Look at How Your Kitchen Faucet Works

Kitchen faucets are an important feature of every home plumbing system. When your kitchen faucet experiences a plumbing leak, you may find that your water bills suddenly skyrocket. To prevent your kitchen faucet from becoming a drain on your plumbing system, it is a great idea to hire plumbers in Linthicum to repair the leak at the first sign of an issue. A company offering highly rated plumbing services will be able to fully diagnose and fix any issue that is plaguing your kitchen faucet. To help you determine when it is time to set up kitchen plumbing repairs, here is a quick look at how kitchen faucets work.

Single Valve Faucet 

A single valve faucet is among the most common styles of kitchen faucets that are found in the home. This type of kitchen faucet contains a single handle that is used to control both the hot and cold water levels. Underneath the faucet, a valve is used to connect the hot and cold water lines. By turning the handle to the right or left, the user can control the temperature of the hot water.

Dual Valve Faucet

Unlike a single valve faucet, which contains a single handle, the dual valve kitchen faucet contains two handles that are used to control the water temperature. These faucets are popular because they allow the temperature to be adjusted to a specific temperature. In a conventional set up, the left handle controls the hot water, and the right handle controls the cold water. Each water line is connected to a single spigot.

Dual Spigot Faucet 

Dual spigot faucets are less common than the other two faucet styles, and are typically found in older homes. Unlike single and dual valve faucets, dual spigot faucets contain separate spigots for hot and cold water. Since the hot and cold water lines are completely separated, these types of kitchen faucets provide less control over water temperature and pressure.